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About the Project

The Collaborative Outcomes study on Health and Functioning during Infection Times (COH-FIT) is a large international survey project for the entire population of countries affected by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-2019). The project involves almost 200 investigators and has been endorsed by multiple national and international professional organizations.

We will collect information from over 100,000 participants of >30 countries on 6 continents and in 25 languages. The COH-FIT survey will be distributed three times: 1) during the pandemic (wave 1), and 2) 6 months (wave 2) and 3) 12 months (wave 3) after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will ask about anonymous information from adults, adolescents and children (6 years and older) consenting/agreeing to take the survey. We ask for information about demographics, profession (health care/police/fire fighter/military workers vs others), physical and psychological health status and behaviors, as well as factors in the environment, both prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and during the time of each of the COH-FIT surveys.

The COH-FIT project aims to identify people who are at higher or lower risk for physical and mental health problems during infection times and different levels of restrictions, and to identify risk and protective factors that will inform prevention and intervention programs for the COVID-19 pandemic and should other pandemics occur in the future.

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